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I administer individual and couple’s psychotherapy for adult and adolescent populations struggling with mental health issues, as well as provide psychological testing for adult and adolescent populations.

Diagnostic evaluations

To diagnose and discover what underlying mental health issues a person is experiencing and struggling with that interferes with their daily functioning in a variety of domains. These include but are not limited to occupational, school, as well as interpersonal relationships.

Crisis Interventions

To identify and aid individuals who are experiencing a crisis in their life that negatively impacts overall functioning, and to help improve their level of functioning by processing feelings and teaching effective coping strategies that allow the individual to manage their situation in a more effective manner.


Talk therapy is when an individual or couple work with a professional clinician in order to identify, discuss, and process mental health issues that are negatively impacting a person’s daily life functioning and/or relationships. This process is facilitated in a safe space where the client(s) can learn to develop effective coping skills that will allow them to manage and reduce maladaptive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Psychotherapy Services

Services provided are the following: Diagnostic evaluations, diagnose mental health disorders, mental status evaluations, risk assessments, as well as crisis interventions. My specialties include: substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, and interpersonal conflict. I also work with couples experiencing interpersonal conflict.

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Neuropsychological testing for children & adults

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Substance use disorders

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Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

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various techniques and approaches

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Bipolar Disorder


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post-traumatic stress disorder

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Couples Counseling

and Interpersonal Conflict


Montgomery Lyons, PsyD.

I have been training in psychology for over 10 years, and have been a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of New York for 2 years. I have worked with most demographics of individuals from early childhood to geriatric populations, and have been trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques. The therapeutic approach that I most gravitate toward is cognitive behavioral therapy; however, I also utilize the humanistic as well as the psychodynamic approach when necessary. Furthermore, being Native American and growing up on the Onondaga Nation has given me a cultural awareness and sensitivity that is necessary in this field. It is my belief that the client’s needs must always come first and foremost, which has been my guiding force in providing psychotherapy and other psychological services. My goal is to empower individuals and provide the necessary skills that enable individuals to manage, reduce, and cope with maladaptive symptoms in a way that will allow a person to lead their best life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions people have about therapy.

There is no one size fits all answer to that question. The short answer is that it depends and each treatment plan is individualized. This is based on factors such as the goals that one wants to achieve in therapy, the severity of the problem(s), the motivation of the person(s) in treatment, etc. Some people may only require a few sessions while others may want and need a much longer duration of treatment depending on the issues that are being explored and treated.

Each case is different, but one can expect to gain a better understanding of the issues that necessitated professional intervention. Person(s) served will learn how thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are interconnected as well as how to implement effective coping strategies to manage maladaptive symptoms.

It must be stated that I do not accept any insurance at this time and I am 100% private pay. In the event that an individual cannot afford the fee of service, a sliding scale may be negotiated with the clinician in order to figure out a fee that works for both parties. This is based on financial resources of the patient(s), as well as need for services by the patient(s).

One of the main aspects in the therapeutic process has to do with trust and confidentiality. What one discusses in therapy is confidential and cannot be disclosed to others without a signed release by the patient allowing the clinician to do so. However, there are a few exceptions to that rule. One exception is if the patient discloses that he or she is planning to harm themselves or others. Another exception is if the patient discloses that there is any child or elder abuse occurring. The final exception is if a judge court orders the clinician to provide information.


Lyons Behavioral Services

  • Lyons logo


    Lyons Behavioral Services

    I administer individual and couple’s psychotherapy for adult and adolescent populations struggling with mental health issues, as well as provide psychological testing for adult and adolescent populations.

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    CHE Behavioral Health Services

    Working with the geriatric population has allowed me to gain a better knowledge and understanding of how to assist individuals who are dealing with issues where there is no cure, such as terminal illness and end of life issues.

  • McLean Hospital Logo


    McLean Hospital

    During this fellowship I learned a lot about how substance use and mental illness are intertwined, and the most important lesson that I took away from this experience is that there is no one “correct” approach because each case is unique and as such the treatment plans that created the best outcomes must be tailored to each unique individual.

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    Brockton Area Multi Services (BAMSI)

    Working with individuals who have traumatic brain injuries and cognitive disabilities have a tremendous impact on their mental health status, and because of that factor group therapies and treatments for these individuals must be adjusted and tailored in order to fit their needs to achieve the best outcome. I also learned how provide neuropsychological assessments for this population navigating their impairments due to traumatic brain injury and/or lower cognitive functioning.

  • Metrowest Medical Center logo


    Metrowest Medical Center (Partial Hospital Program)

    This experience helped me grow as a clinician by teaching me how to facilitate group therapy to not only individuals with mental illness, but also to individuals who were suffering from substance use issues combined with mental health issues.

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    Burncoat Family Center

    Providing acute treatment for latency and adolescents helped me grow as a clinician because I had to learn how to effectively provide support and manage maladaptive symptoms in a very short period of time.

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    Conditt Psychological Services

    In this environment I was able to learn how to provide support for a variety of populations, and also learned how to provide neuropsychological evaluations in a real-world clinical setting.

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    G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

    As a recovery coach I was able to directly interact with all patients experiencing substance use issues and experience every part of the process. I learned how effective treatment encompassed treating the whole individual in all aspects of their life, not just the substance use issue.

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Montgomery Lyons is a licensed clinical pyschologist.

Montgomery Lyons

Clinical Psychologist

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist. I received a B.A in Psychology from Syracuse University, a Master of Clnical Psychology, and a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) from William James College.

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